So, can ADRIFT games be played in anything else?

The following are ADRIFT Games which have been rewritten in another IF programming language (ported).

It's Easter, Peeps by Sara Brookside, Inform 6, (original)

Goldilocks is a FOX! by J.J. Guest, ported to Inform by Mark Tilford, (original)

Hell in a Hamper by J. J. Guest, TADS 2, (original)

Hell in a Hamper by J. J. Guest, Acorn (requires a BBC Micro emulator), (original)

Invasion Of The Second-Hand Shirts by David Good (DuoDave), Inform 7 (zblorb), (original)

Pathway to Destruction by Richard Otter, Inform 7 (Z8), (original)

Neighbours From Hell by David Whyld, Quest, (original)

Rachel Has A Bad Day by Sly Old Dog, ported by  Roger Pepitone, Inform (Z8), (original)

To play these games you will need a runner, which can be downloaded from here.