Various Other Competitions with ADRIFT Entries.

Ectocomp 2016
Edith's Cat by Roboman

ParserComp 2015
An Adventurer's Backyard by lyricasylum

Bogleech Creepypasta Cook-Off 2013
All Through the Night by Daniel Saults

Jacqueline Lott's Indigo New Language Speed IF
In Memory by Jacqueline Lott
10 Entries,

One Room Competition (2010)
1st Igor by
Ian Thomson
1 Entry,

Most Monstrous Comp (2008) (La Comp Más Monstruosa)
Vardock Bates (Spanish) by pipo98
4 Entries,

5th One Room Competition (2007)
3rd Marika The Offering by James Webb (as revgiblet), Reviews
8th Puzzle Box by Richard Otter, Reviews
9 Entries,

French Minicomp (2006)
3rd Inquire with High-Risks (Enquête à hauts risques) (French) by Loïc B.
Largo Winch (French) by Loïc B.
4 Entries

4th One Room Competition (2006)
6th It's Easter, Peeps! by Sara Brookside, Reviews
9 Entries,  

IntroComp 2005
The Amazing Uncle Griswold by David Whyld, Reviews
7 Entries,

X-comp (2005)
5th Impulse (Impulso) (Spanish) by Expio
7 Entries,                                                                   

French Minicomp (2005)
4th Hot Fires (Les Feux de l'enfer) (French) by Sabine Gorecki
Who Killed Dana? (Qui a tué Dana?) (French) by Vegeta
5 Entries

NanoComp III (2003)
The Daughter of the Watchmaker (La hija del relojero) (Spanish) by Expio

IntroComp 2002
...from the Files of Sigmund Praxis, Guerrilla Therapist by Mark Silcox, Reviews
13 Entries,



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